TS1 Projector Tachistoscope
TS1 Tachistoscope
The BUBLEY TS1 Projector Tachistoscope is designed to offer two modes of controlled-time slide display, when used in conjunction with any Kodak Carousel™ or compatible projector.

Pre-set time
Any timed projection period in the range from 0.1 second to 99.9 seconds, in 0.1 second increments, can be pre-selected by the interviewer.

Elapsed time
The interviewer initiates the projection of a slide. As soon as the respondent recognises the stimulus, he or she presses a button on a remote switch. This blanks out the projected image on the screen and automatically displays the period of elapsed time on the TS1 control unit.

Getting a tachistoscope
We have tachistocopes for sale and available for hire. If you would be interested in buying or hiring one, please do contact us.