Projector Tachistoscope
TS1 Tachistoscope
The t-scope control unit on the right is the 'command centre'. From here, the interviewer determines the mode of operation, selects the slide to be projected, and if in 'Preset' mode, chooses the time period for the selected slide to be displayed. When in 'Elapsed' mode, the interviewer initiates the projection of the slide, and, simultaneously, the TS1 displays the running elapsed time on the display panel. When the respondent recognises the displayed stimulus and presses the red button on the remote switch unit, the slide image is blanked from the screen and the time is held on the display panel.
Carousel Projector
The TS1 control unit 'drives' an electronic shutter which is positioned in front of the projector's lens.

The TS1 works with any Kodak Carousel™ or similar projector with a compatible DIN 6 pin remote control socket. An operator can select slides in the slide tray, either forwards or backwards, from the TS1 control unit.

Projectors tested so far and found to be compatible include Kodak Carousel S;
S-AV1000 series; S-AV2000 series
Ektalite 1000; Ektalite 2000
TAV Simda 3000 series;
Elmo 200 series.

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