We would very much appreciate details of any Voigtlander cameras or lenses that you may have. It is not necessary to fill in any personal details if you do not wish to, but it would be helpful if you could at least tell us in what part of the world you are, just so that we can learn where certain cameras were distributed.
Please describe your camera(s) indicating the film or plate size. The camera may have a name on the top plate or embossed on a leather carrying strap at the top. Although not all camera bodies had serial numbers, you may sometimes find one inside when you open the back.

Please describe the lens(es) quoting the serial number(s). Lenses have the model name, e.g. Skopar, Heliar etc., with the focal length and aperture engraved or printed on a ring around the lens front, and usually have a serial number engraved around the outside of the rim of the front lens ring.

On some older cameras, the lens s/n is engraved around a retaining ring at the back of the lens as seen from inside the camera. It would also be helpful if you could say whether the focusing is in feet or metres.

The name of the shutter is usually engraved below or around the lens, e.g. Compur, Prontor, etc. If you see it can you please enter that name too.

Camera Name, if visible
Film or Plate size
Camera Serial number, if visible
Lens name
Focal length
Lens serial number
Is focus scale in Feet, Metres or both?
Shutter type
Serial number 
Your Name (if you wish to give it)
Your e-mail address (if you wish to give it)
Your location (Country)
Would you mind indicating whether you are a

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